Holiday Season is Here!

Summer is officially over, and with it, the demise of the 2014 outdoor farmer’s markets! But Merfs lovers, don’t fear: I’ve scored spots at a couple holiday shows, and will be participating in an indoor winter farmer’s market in Parker, Colorado.


Cherry Creek Arts Festival (Art Denver) will be Nov 14-16 at the Convention Center here in Denver, Colorado. It’s a collection of Colorado’s finest artists, food makers and artisans, live music, and much more! Tickets are still on sale, and yours truly will be there slingin’ sauce all weekend! Click here for more information and ticket sales.

Parker Indoor Farmer’s Market starts next weekend, November 16 and will run every Sunday from 10-2 at Sierra Middle School in Parker, Colorado. Merfs Condiments is a part time vendor at this market and the dates I will be attending are:  Dec 7, Jan 18 & 25, Feb 15, March 1 & 22, and April 12. Click here for more information.

Denver Homemade Handmade Market is December 13 & 14 at Denver Art Society on Sante Fe Drive. There’s going to be live music, art, and local vendors making and selling cool stuff. It’ll be a great place to do some holiday shopping and support the local economy and small business owners! Merfs will be participating on Sunday, Dec 14. Click here for more information.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ll be posting again soon with recipe ideas and new product information!

Til next time ❤