Happy Holidays!

Hiya, Merfs’ lovers.

As we’ve entered holiday season, life has gotten busy, hasn’t it? I love this time of year; it always makes me nostalgic.

New news: Merfs is growing at an incredible rate! I’ve really loved all of your support as my business has taken off. YOU, the customers, friends, and family members, are the reason my first year has been so fruitful. So, THANKS to all of you.

Don’t forget that Merfs Condiments will be attending the Denver Homemade Handmade market on Sunday December 14. I really hope to see you all there. These cute little bottles of hot sauce make great Christmas gifts! I will be running a special.. 3 bottles for $15.. so y’all come load up!

Merfs Condiments hot sauces are great on almost anything: sandwiches, in salad dressing, as marinades or anything else your little heart desires.

Share your recipes on the Facebook page! I’d love to hear from you. www.facebook.com/merfscondiments

Until next time, Happy Holidays!


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