It’s finally summer!

Howdy, hot sauce lovers.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written a post, so I thought I’d sit down and take some time to update you guys about what’s been going on.

We are thrilled to be a burgeoning part of Denver’s food scene! We are now stocked by all your favorite specialty retail stores, including St. Killian’s Cheese Shop, Capitol Heights Pharmacy and Liquor,  Marczyk Fine Foods, and many more. We are also available for consumption in some of your favorite Denver restaurants, including Steuben’s, Ale House, Central Bistro and Bar, Jelly Cafe, and Delectable Egg!

For a full list of places where Merfs Condiments are available click here.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! It really means the world!



Merfs Condiments will be at the South Pearl Street farmer’s market EVERY OTHER SUNDAY from 9-1, starting on May 15.

For more information about South Pearl Street Events, click here.



I hate to break hearts, but we’re going to discontinue yellow mustard. It’s just been a royal pain in the butt since day one, and unfortunately we’re not selling enough of it to justify the struggle.

Y’all don’t cry too much. I’ve got a few bottles left that I’ll be selling through Etsy, so get it while supplies last!


Here’s to a killer third year for Merfs Condiments!






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