Who’s Kelly?


Hi, I am Kelly Schexnaildre, and I am a southern girl from the gulf coast of Louisiana. I started cooking at 8 years of age under the direction of my parents, Rene and Susie Schexnaildre. I have always had a passion for exceptional food, and all the experience and community it offers. I relocated to Denver, Colorado in May 2010 ready to embark on a new adventure and chapter in my life. I am an avid gardener who uses fresh, organic, and local ingredients in all my dishes whenever possible. I started making condiments about 6 years ago, and through experimentation and creativity, discovered that I love it. My idea for Merfs Condiments came to fruition in January 2014, and I am intent on creating recipes for condiments that will enhance anyone’s food experience.


6 thoughts on “Who’s Kelly?

  1. Hi Kelly,

    I met you the opening night of ArtDenver. I love your condiments and would like to do some online editorial at http://www.reignmag.com to promote it to our readers.

    If you’re interested, please send any pertinent info (unless everything I would need is on your website) and I’d love some samples if you would send me some.

    Thanks for your time.


    1. I would love for you to review my products! Sorry it’s taken a little time for me to respond. I’ve been quite a busy girl these last few weeks. I believe all the information you need is on my wesbite. Where can I send the samples?

      Sincerely, Kelly

  2. Kelly, you can send samples to:
    Preserving Community
    8915 Morton Road
    Longmont, Colorado 80503

    Let me know if you have any need for assistance with food safety work!

    Meanwhile I will share the samples with a few restaurants in Boulder.

    Luther Green

  3. Joel

    Hey there Kelly! I bought some of your products at Lulu’s up in Brighton CO. Your hot sauces and mustards have become a quick favorite of mine. But the thing is I can’t find merfs anywhere near me. And you being local I really don’t want to pay 6.00$ for shipping. Let me know where the closest location is where I can buy Merfs. Thanks

  4. Kelly Robinson

    Hey Kelly

    My name is Kelly Robinson(male). I host trivia nights at breweries in the Denver area. I partner with local businesses to provide prizes for my events in return for live event plugs, and social media advertisement the day of the event. I have ~2000 local Denver followers on Twitter and Instagram combined…@trivialift. Currently I am sponsored by Western Daughter Butcher Shoppe who provides me with vac-packed meat for prizes. I am currently looking for a local Denver hot sauce company to compliment the meat sponsor, and potentially even sell some product on location.

    I can be reached at 970-623-2226.


    Kelly Robinson

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