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Want to win big and taste this new flavor before it’s released to the public? Keep reading.

Dried PeppersDeveloping new products is one of the best parts of Merfs Condiments—it can be incredibly challenging, but it’s also a lot of fun. For this one we’re trying something a little different and inviting Merfs’ lovers be a part of the process. The recipe is ready to go, so now we need a name for this beauty! That’s right, you heard it, we’re taking name submissions for our newest product!

We’re always looking for ways to improve Merfs Condiments, and what better way to improve than add a chipotle flavor to the hot sauce product line?!

Guess which merfs hot sauceDo y’all know what a chipotle pepper is? It’s a jalapeno picked late in the growing season and smoke dried. Chipotle pepper’s name is derived from the Aztec word chilpoctli, which means “smoked chili pepper”. Smoking chilies during those times was a method of food preservation adapted specifically for jalapeños because of their thick skin. The sun drying method used for other chili varieties during that time just wouldn’t cut it, so they chose a method more commonly used for meats and seafood and viola, the chipotle chili was born! It not only preserved the jalapeños, as they sought out to do, but it elevated the flavor to a new level.

There are two different kinds of chipotle peppers, chipotle morita and chipotle meco. Chipotle moritas are produced in northern Mexico by allowing jalapeños to ripen to maturity and turn a vibrant shade of red. They are harvested and smoke dried for two days over a wood fire. If you’ve had chipotle here in the US, there’s a pretty good chance it was chipotle morita, as they are the most common chipotle chili used north of the Mexican border.

Chipotle Mecos are grown in central and southern Mexico and a favorite south of the border for a darn good reason! These chilies are produced by allowing the jalapeños to ripen even longer than the moritas, which is why they are larger in size and flavor. They are harvested and smoke dried in a similar fashion, but for a whole week! This extra time and care creates an incredible depth of flavor; they’re richly smoked and slightly fruity. They are not a standard grocery staple here in the US and can be tough to find outside of Mexico.

Name submissions should be emailed to Please only submit once. Winners will be announced in a couple weeks.

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