What’s behind the name Merfs?

I (Kelly) grew up with a gaggle of basset hounds. My parents bought their first, Dusty , a tri-color girl right after they got married in May 1985. I was born in February 1987 in New Orleans, Louisiana, and after a quick couple of years in Michigan, we moved to San Antonio, Texas. My parents thought Dusty could use a friend, so we got another girl, a black and white basset named Amy. After a couple years in Texas, we finally moved back to Louisiana, and when I was 9 years old, we lost Dusty. What’s the best cure for losing a pet? Getting another one ASAP, so we did. We got another girl basset and we named her Louise; we called her Weezy for short. She was mahogany and white and as stubborn a basset as I have ever met. When Weezy was a year old, Amy was tragically killed by a car, and Weezy was so sad that she wouldn’t eat for three full days. After a few months, we got another black and white basset and named him Dudley. After only a couple years, Weezy and Dudley got pregnant, and we ended up with a litter of 10 healthy basset hound puppies. We kept the runt of the litter and named her Yana. She was small for a basset, only 35-40 pounds at her heaviest. From age 9 onward, we had Weezy, Dudley, and Yana—a whole gaggle of basset hounds. They were a riot—each had their own personality. We had a huge backyard where they could play and runaround all day. Basset Hounds are stubborn and loud and come in all sorts of fun colors. They’ve got more ears than legs, and their noses are exceptional. I’ve seen more than one of our bassets pick up a scent, follow it, and stir up a rabbit in hiding. It’s terribly unfortunate that dogs only live 12-14 years, because they become part of the family and it’s so hard to say goodbye.

Kelly and Merf

After all our family bassets passed away, my parents decided it was time for another one, a mahogany and white boy from Nebraska, who they named Murphy. Murphy is currently 8 years old, stubborn, very vocal, and will do anything for a cookie. When I was trying to decide on a name for my hot sauce business, my brother, Tom, suggested Murphs, and we changed the spelling to Merfs to make it a little cooler. Since I was going to name the company after my parents’ basset hound, it made perfect sense to go with a basset hound silhouette for the company logo. I also wanted to add condiments to the company name, to make sure people knew I was making and selling food for humans. And there you have it, Merfs Condiments is born!

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