About Us

The Mission:

Merfs Condiments is a condiment company that creates high quality, tasteful products using local and organic ingredients. We view ourselves as Earth lovers and partners with our customers and community. We aim to become a regionally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the sustained interest in local, organic food stuffs. Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability, and having fun!

Kelly Schexnaildre: CEO & President

Kelly Schexnaildre - OwnerI am a southern girl from the gulf coast of Louisiana. I started cooking at 8 years of age; I have always had a passion for exceptional food, and all the experience and community it offers. I relocated to Denver, Colorado in May 2010 ready to embark on a new adventure and chapter in my life. I am an avid gardener who uses fresh, organic, and local ingredients in all my dishes whenever possible. I started making condiments about 6 years ago, and through experimentation and creativity, discovered that I love it. My idea for Merfs Condiments came to fruition in January 2014, and I am intent on creating recipes for condiments that will enhance anyone’s food experience. 

How did I get into making hot sauce?

Kelly LabelingA buddy of mine gave me a half bushel of peaches five summers ago, and I didn’t want to make preserves, pie, cobbler, or any other traditional peach items. I made peach habanero hot sauce with carrots, lemon juice, white vinegar, sugar, and salt and a star was born! I had friends that couldn’t get enough, and family members that wanted it for Christmas gifts; I soon realized that my hobby was both too expensive and too lucrative a talent to be wasted. I started Merfs Condiments instead of going to graduate school or waiting tables forever, and here we are 6 years later!

Katie Goodleaf: Vice President

Katie at kettleI’m originally from a small island off the East Coast, and I moved to Colorado 9 years ago in search of some Rocky Mountain adventures. I am passionate about outdoor recreation, and this passion turned into a career in conservation in Colorado. How’d I get from the conservation to Merfs Condiments? Well, if there’s one thing I love as much as the mountains, it’s food! My first job as a kid was picking pints of blueberries for my grandma to sell at her farm stand. Growing up, I was always working on some food project or another: foraging wine berries to make fresh jams and meads, fermenting everything in my crock, and even making a few batches of hot sauce one summer when my garden exploded with chilies. When I met Kelly in 2017 and was offered the opportunity to work for Merfs, it was a no brainer.