Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ:

Are your products available in stores near me?

They might be! Check out the store locator page to see if there are any stores near you that carry our products.

Do you make these products or are they made by a co-packer?

Our products are made by C Vision Foods in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Are these family recipes?

No, these are not family recipes. Kelly creates every recipe from scratch!

Do you wholesale?

Yes, if you're interested in carrying our products at your store or using them at your establishment, please visit our Wholesale page

Shipping FAQ:

How much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping is extremely expensive. The rates you see are carrier population (meaning UPS, USPS, and DHL set those rates). 

Where do your products ship from?

Denver, Colorado

How are your products shipped?

Packages are sent either USPS or UPS Ground. 

How soon after I submit my order will it be shipped?

2-3 business days. 

When is the last day to place my order for Christmas arrival? 

All orders must be placed by December 10th for guaranteed arrival by Christmas.

Will I receive confirmation when it has shipped?

Yes, you will receive confirmation along with tracking information.

What happens if something breaks?

We are very careful about the way the products are packed so we can minimize breakage, but when you are shipping glass, it is impossible to prevent all breakage. If you receive damaged product, simply send an email to with (1) your name and order number, (2) a photo of the damaged product, and (3) a description of which items are damaged. We will either reship or process a refund for the damaged products. 

Do you ship outside of the continental U.S.?


Product FAQ:

How long does the hot sauce last?

It’s good unopened for 2 years, and after opening 1 year.

Do our products need to be refrigerated?

Our hot sauces are all natural and preservative free, and therefore need to be stored properly. They do not require refrigeration, but need to be kept in a cool, dark place that is 72*F or less.

Are the products vegan?


Are the products gluten free?

Yes, however, they are manufactured in a facility that may contain trace amounts of gluten. 

Are the products sugar free?

Hand Grenade Sriracha, Electric Lime Hot Sauce, Pandemic Peach Sriracha and Jamberry Sriracha have no added sugar. Fool's Paradise, Peaches + Scream, Rougarou, and Chupacabra are made with monkfruit sweetener. 

Are your products made with preservatives or other weird ingredients?


Are the hot sauces fermented?