About Merfs Condiments

Merfs Condiments is a Denver condiment company that creates high quality, tasteful products using local and all-natural ingredients without any preservatives or extra junk. We offer six hot sauces: condiments that are sure to light your taste buds on fire and drastically improve your eating experience. We view ourselves as Earth lovers and partners with our customers and community. We aim to become a regionally recognized brand name, capitalizing on the sustained interest in local, healthy food stuffs. Our goal is moderate growth, annual profitability, and having fun!

Recipes That Use Merfs Hot Sauces

Electric Lime Tacos

Serves 4 Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds flank steak 7 oz Electric Lime hot sauce Juice of 2 large limes Zest of 1 large l...

Merfs Hot Wings

Serves 4 Ingredients 2 lbs chicken wings 3 tbs Avocado Oil Salt Pepper Sauce ¼ cup of Frank’s Red Hot ¾ cup Hand Gr...

Rocky Mountain Bloody Mary

Ingredients 16 oz Elevation’s Gourmet Bloody Mary Mix 4 oz Vodka of your choosing Merfs Hand Grenade Sriracha to t...
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