At Merfs Condiments, we understand the importance of creating a dining experience that keeps customers coming back for more. That's why we craft small-batch, restaurant-quality hot sauces that add an extra layer of flavor and excitement to any dish.

Here's what makes Merfs Condiments the perfect partner for your restaurant:

Customer Satisfaction Boost

Spicy food lovers are a loyal bunch, and offering a selection of high-quality hot sauces is a surefire way to keep them happy. Merfs Condiments will have them raving about your food!

Increased Sales

Adding a condiment bar with various Merfs options or putting Merfs on your tables encourages customers to experiment and potentially order additional menu items to pair with their chosen sauce.

Menu Differentiation

Set yourself apart from the competition by offering a unique and flavorful hot sauce experience. Merfs Condiments will help your restaurant stand out!


"Some years ago, a guest brought their bottle of Merf’s Electric Lime hot sauce into Syrup and dumped it on their Eggs and tots. We stared wide-eyed and said, “Damn! That looks amazing!” Kindly, the guest left their bottle of Merfs with us, and we got to taste it. We never looked back. Electric Lime is beyond flavorful with the right amount of heat, it’s the perfect hot sauce for anything! Later, we learned Merfs is named after a basset hound, which is amazing and hilarious, but then we discovered Merfs is an LGBT woman-owned company. Merfs represents more than just an awesome hot sauce company, it's a company that represents inclusivity, and empowerment, especially when representation matters the most in this world; we are totally in ❤️."


Kelly is a master of her craft, the high priestess of hot sauce, the sultan of spice, the czar of chile. When Lariat Lodge Brewing had the opportunity to make a collaboration hot sauce with Merfs, we jumped on it. She took our vision and our beer and made a dream come true, using her vast knowledge of flavors and skill Kelly produced the “Angry Elk” hot sauce. Working with Kelly and Merfs has been such a terrific experience. I highly recommend her and all of Merfs products as a true stand out in a saturated market.

LARIAT LODGEChef Grant Teason

Just Be Kitchen Denver is firing on all cylinders with Merfs hot sauces! Their small-batch paleo-friendly condiments are a hit with our health-conscious crowd. Bursting with flavor, not fillers, Merfs adds a delicious kick to our dishes without compromising clean eating. It’s hard to find clean sauces without icky oils or sugar or gluten – this is why we love Merfs – tasty and clean!

JenniferCEO of JustBe Kitchen

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