Chicken Wings, and other things

Well, hello there!

What a fantastic holiday season! Only a couple more weeks, and we will be ringing in 2015. Merfs Condiments will be turning one! A serious thank you to all the Merfs’ lovers out there. I couldn’t do it without you.

thank you meme

We’ve got one more holiday market coming up: Handmade at the Hall on December 20 from 12-5 in the Exdo Event Center in Denver, Colorado. It’s your last chance to get the 3 hot sauces for $15.00 special, so come check us out!


I told y’all last time that I’d start posting recipes. So, here’s my favorite one (I consider chicken wings a very important food group).

Oven Fried Chicken Wings with Merfs’ Peaches & Scream Hot sauce

(serves two)

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 40 minutes

2 lbs bone-in chicken wings

1 bottle Peaches & Scream hot sauce

2 tbsp oil



Preheat oven to 425*. Toss chicken wings in salt, pepper, and oil. Place on sheet pan and toss into the oven for 20 minutes. Take out and flip. Cook for 20 more minutes. Take out of oven, throw into a bowl, and toss with Peaches & Scream hot sauce. Enjoy!!


Merfs Condiments was featured in Denver’s 5280 Magazine as part of a hot sauce round-up for December 2014. I couldn’t have asked for a better write up! What a treat!

Check out the article here.

‘Til next time, y’all.


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