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Hello Merfs peeps! I live in Longmont and stopped into the Lucky’s store and tried the three sauces that were being demonstrated. I loved all three and took home the Jamberry and Electric Lime. I gotta tell ya I’m really loving both of these, and will be trying the third soon! Keep up the great work!! They are SO-DI-LICOUS!!! Thank you!

I received my order!! So stoked. Thank you so much for the sample bottles of the Fool's Paradise and Dancing Queen. Merfs is the best. I'm a huge fan of Chipotle and I think you've hit the flavor on the button with the Dancing Queen - quickly becoming new favorite! Are you selling that in gallon batches yet?

We tried your Hand Grenade Siracha today at Uno Mas and absolutely LOVED it! How can we order more?


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