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Denver Press Club’s Annual Chili Cookoff

Come join us this Friday, May 4th, at the Denver Press Club’s annual chili cook off! We’ll be submitting our very own...

Name that Merfs!

WHO’S READY FOR CHIPOTLE HOT SAUCE? Want to win big and taste this new flavor before it’s released to the public? Kee...

Meet Katie, our hot sauce production manager

Heya hot saucers, It’s hard to believe Merfs Condiments is 4 years old; we owe much of our success to our dedicated M...

The History of Hot Sauce in Louisiana

When I was interested in starting Merfs Condiments, I wanted to pay homage to my humble beginnings in South Louisiana...

What’s behind the name Merfs?

I (Kelly) grew up with a gaggle of basset hounds. My parents bought their first, Dusty , a tri-color girl right after...
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