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The Firecracker Burger with Hand Grenade Sriracha

Jun 21, 2023Kelly Schexnaildre
Hi y'all! My friends over at Tap and Burger are serving The Firecracker as their Burger of the Month. It looks absolutely incredible, so I've posted the recipe for you here!
1lb ground beef: I prefer 80/20 so the burgers aren't dry. Make 3 patties. Season with salt and pepper.
Hand Grenade Sriracha Mayo: 2 tbsp mayo of choice, 2 tbsp Hand Grenade; mix together
Spicy mustard
Shredded Lettuce
Cheddar cheese
Sesame Bun
1. Preheat grill to 375*F. 
2. Cook burgers for 4.5 minutes on the first side; flip over for 2 minutes, add cheese, cook for another 2.5 minutes. While burgers are cooking, toast the buns.
3. Remove burgers from heat, let rest for a couple minutes.
4. Add the burger and all the toppings, and enjoy!
Makes 3 burgers.

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